SCUBA diving is an amazing and fun sport. It is safe and easy and fun to learn. You will complete all your basic training in the safety of the swimming pool in as little as five weeks.

SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) is simply swimming underwater with a cylinder of compressed gas (normal breathing air or a gas mix) this will allow the diver to stay underwater for longer periods of time, much longer than you could hold your breath for.

The sport of SCUBA diving is recognised worldwide and becoming evermore increasingly popular, it is becoming the number one holiday excursion whatever part of the world you visit.

Feel free to follow the links above and below to find out more information about training, diving and the atraction of this magnificent and amazing sport.

Pool Night at Ebbw Vale

Dive Training & Lessons

Our club is a member of and therefore follows the British Sub Aqua Club training system. The entry level qualification is called "Ocean Diver".

RIB Dive West Wales

Diving Activities

The whole point of a diving club is to go diving so some information on the sort of diving we do would seem appropriate !


Try Dives

If you're interested in scuba diving but not sure if its for you or how you'll like it there is an ideal solution, a Try Dive Session.


Our club is a member of and therefore follows the British Sub Aqua Club training system. The entry level qualification is called "Ocean Diver".

BSAC is recognised as the UK governing body for scuba diving. It works slightly differently to what you may have heard of abroad in that clubs are amateur, courses are "free", instructors are not paid. You simply pay for your BSAC membership, course materials, join a club and training is then done at-cost.

Before beginning the course you will need to have completed a self-declaration medical form. You will also be required to purchase the ocean diver training pack. For comfort and hygiene reasons we request that trainees purchase their own properly fitting mask, fins and snorkel prior to commencing their training, although these are available at our club on a loan basis.

SCUBA equipment is loaned for the duration of sheltered water training but we request that trainees need to have purchased their own equipment before beginning the open water dives.

The course itself consists of:-

  • 7 classroom theory lessons
  • A multiple choice theory assessment
  • a basic swimming assessment (don't worry its not that bad!)
  • 5 sheltered water lessons (i.e. the swimming pool)
  • 5 open water lessons, minimum of 120 minutes underwater


Typically the sheltered water lessons are run weekly between 8:15pm and 9:15pm and the classroom lectures are organised on a different day or occasionally on weekends at pre arranged venues.

Open water dives are generally done on weekends and on some occasions throughout the week.


Treat someone special

to an incredible SCUBA experience

Why not get in touch and book a Try Dive for a freind, a loved one, a relative.

What does it Involve ?